"hobbies and interests"

When I first saw the language by which browsers display web pages I was fascinated. After mastering the basics I went on to prepare web sites for local charities. I originally designed a web site of my own to demonstrate my programming skills. As I get older I have less patience, so have to be motivated to create sites for people.

At the same time I also felt that an own web site was a much better way to provide information for family and friends than, say, facebook, which I find extremely irritating. So if you want to know what interests me you can work it out from the content of this site. Suffice it to say, I am retired and living in North London. If you want to contact me about something on the site, or if the pages do not look right on your computer you can contact me at

The photo on the front page was taken in the year 2000, long before the appearance of the shard, while on walk 41


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